Progress with Unreal and Characters / by Joel Mack

Hello! Thank you for tuning in to the blog post. Today i want to talk about some of the progress in the game creation side of the SoTS:BoS project. Over this week i’ve been working with the MVN Link Plugin for Unreal engine and tested live streaming my body directly in will preview in VR.

I’ve run into a problem with the Headset refusing to attach itself to the location of the head root for the UE4 pawn. Tomorrow and Monday I will be trying to solve that problem and work on tracking for multiple users using backpack systems.

I’d like to move on the some of the characters made for the project. The time era I am having the film based off of has many new technology advancements for humans. For example AI intelligence.

In addition here is one of the city outlooks of the planet “Ellirg” and Minister Ying.

That concludes this blog thank you guys for reading and stay tuned for next week!