Update on post status by Joel Mack

Hello there, as most of you have seen, i missed last weekends Saturday Post. This is was due to some trouble in “The Void” type simulator i was creating. My time management got off and I ended up falling asleep before posting one. I’d like to add that i’ve also been working on a big project combining motion technique into a blend motion. Currently that is all i can talk about now but I will post some pictures below. In addition, I have shifted more focus to my schooling which could reduce the amount of time i am able to post on the website but rest assured that I am still working out all the nicks and making animation and videos on my free time. Thank you for reading!


Mix Master Mike and Magic Leap Deployment by Joel Mack

Hello there! forgive me for the late post. There was a lot heavy working yesterday. This weekend I had to pleasure of working with Mix Master Mike in the creation of volumertic and the use of the Magic Leap headset. This post will comprise mostly of photos ill post them below. I cannot upload any further detail as of what we are doing but once it is released I shall!


Monthly Video by Joel Mack

Hello there. I’d like to start a trend where I post a video at last once a month to show off the skills i’ve learn or what i was working on that month. Sense there has been a lot of Xsens and Unreal engine I’d like to show case a video made in under six hours that use UE4 kit-bashing and Xsens motion capture. I am currently making a speed-lapse of the process so you can talk a look at how it was made. The video can be found embedded below. That you for tuning in!

Xsens to Unreal Engine by Joel Mack

Hey there guys! Welcome to Saturdays blog post. Today I wanted to update you on the Xsens progress to Unreal engine. I created this video to help any having problems with the process. Currently I am working out the problem with custom characters and the tracking right now. I am trying of having custom assets all remapped to the UE4 skeleton and just use the default provided. Below is the video!

Ill be starting school this week so they might not be a lot of new progression but, i will be keeping the Saturday post going. Thank you guys for reading!

Progress with Unreal and Characters by Joel Mack

Hello! Thank you for tuning in to the blog post. Today i want to talk about some of the progress in the game creation side of the SoTS:BoS project. Over this week i’ve been working with the MVN Link Plugin for Unreal engine and tested live streaming my body directly in will preview in VR.

I’ve run into a problem with the Headset refusing to attach itself to the location of the head root for the UE4 pawn. Tomorrow and Monday I will be trying to solve that problem and work on tracking for multiple users using backpack systems.

I’d like to move on the some of the characters made for the project. The time era I am having the film based off of has many new technology advancements for humans. For example AI intelligence.

In addition here is one of the city outlooks of the planet “Ellirg” and Minister Ying.

That concludes this blog thank you guys for reading and stay tuned for next week!

Start of Blog by Joel Mack

Hello! First I would like to wish everyone a happy new year! In light of that, I wanted to start the year with this first blog post of Sword of the Stars: Blades of Sol. I will be writing up a blog every Saturday to share my experiences and what I have learned in the creation of this project. I’d like to first start with what this project is. Sword of the Stars: Blades of Sol is based off a video game I used to play back in High school “Sword of the Stars.”

My aim for this project is to share the stories of five humans in the universe and to show the change of there lives as the invasion of Zuul began to unfold. The Zuul are a telepathic, violent, marsupial pack hunter race genetically bred for war. I will be using the Unreal Engine and Reallusion animation for this project. Towards the end, I want to add VR immersion to the experience so you may be apart of the universe as well and be at the location of where the main film takes place.

Currently the first of the five stories will take place on the planet “Ellirg.” This planet is a Freehold planet, developed without the help of Sol-Force (the central human government/military). The person here is the leader of the colonial development projects when some unseen circumstances land him in trouble with the Sol-Force Military. That concludes this blog post thank you for reading! Stayed tuned for this Saturdays blog post!

Ellirg Seabluffs

Ellirg Seabluffs

Ellirg Seabluffs

Ellirg Seabluffs